KY + LINHO Set The Bar With Their Synergy EP

After the release of Tidal Wave, Ky + Linho had us wanting more. I think we were like nuisance to them because we kept asking for another song or two and they just kept us hanging. But after the release of the Synergy EP, the wait was definitely worth it. 

These guys have set the bar with this EP! They got our heads bobbing all day to these dope tracks. I guess we all knew it would be something amazing especially with featured artists such as Lwansta and NidaalXO. 

We’re all mainly jamming to ‘NahNah’ because I mean, we would love to ‘Come to your party’ guys. But seriously, that track has been booming and im pretty sure its #Number1 on everyone’s playlist! Not forgetting, the EP has also been posted on slikour on life and playlisted on Tshwane FM. 

Ky + Linho has definitely done some damage to our ears this year and we cannot wait for whats next to come! Oh I know whats next, the ‘NahNah’ video which is to be released soon! We will be sure not to miss that party.  

If you haven’t listened to the EP, what are you waiting for?! Here are the Download and Streaming links!

Direct Download Links:



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Dont forget to follow them on Social Media as well! 

Insta: Kylinhomusic 

Twitter: @linho_ky

FB: Ky + Linho Music 

My country is my home, I just wish it was run differently


My country, my home, what a beautiful place but this government? Man oh man, do I even have words for them.

Being proudly South African has to be one of the best feelings one can feel on a daily basis, surrounded by a diversity of people who bring so much energy and life to a country that has been through so much.

Look at the festivals we have that bring everyone together, the variety of restaurants for people to explore their taste buds and the amazing adventures there are to do. Who wouldn’t be proud and honored to run such an amazing piece of work? This government clearly.

People are always scared to air their views and be open about how they really feel about living in a country that is constantly downgrading. Truth is, this is our home, this has been our home for many years and we’re scared to say how we feel because we’ll get called racist, or we just don’t like this person and that one and we’re being full of ourselves. You’re entitled to express your feelings because this is your home.

We don’t like the way the country is at this point, that’s a given. I’m not ashamed to say I am actually disgusted in the way things are going and I wish we had people who knew what they were doing.

The next generation is going to suffer, but right now we’re already suffering because of inflation rates, unemployment, man what a time to be alive and living in South Africa. Let’s not forget our brothers and sisters with no water and electricity, living in poverty. Instead of worrying about reshuffling cabinets and buying cars and houses that cost millions, provide for your country that’s in need.

Slowly but surely we’re sinking because just like a household needs organization and stability, so does a country. I love my country and the atmosphere of the diversity however, I wish the government can see what a beautiful piece of artwork their ruining.


My 5 Favorite Instagram Accounts


We all have those few accounts that we’re a bit jealous of because they’re so dope and love them so much because they also help us along the way and give us some good feels. Well these 5 accounts are my favorite and I constantly look forward to their uploads all the time.



Style, smile and the same name! Yes, we seem to be alike in some ways, like the fact that she creates her own style and rocks it! Courtney’s account is full of colour and happiness which I love so much. She’s always showing her food, new clothing and giving the most amazing tips when it comes to make-up. I simply love her personality, it shows in her adventures. If you’re ever having a bad day or just need a pick me up, this account is definitely for you, she’ll brighten your day in no time. (@colormecourtney)



The store we all love! You got that right, it’s Mr Price. Their insta page is just the best when it comes to updating on the latest fashion, food and news. I mostly shop online with them, so the minute I see something I like on the page, I’m heading straight to the site to buy it. They always posting these cute quirky quotes as well, like on weekends and now and again in the week and giving ideas on how to brighten up the day or what foods to try out with the bestie. They not all shop talk if you know what I mean. (@mrpfashion)



Aqeelah Ally is honestly one beautiful woman. She is the true definition of style. She makes any type of style look amazing, whether it be a casual look or evening look, she rocks it all. Her beauty tips are just as amazing and she will have you looking like a goddess in no time, simple yet beautiful. If there’s ever a time when you need a date night outfit idea or a lunch date with the girls idea, she’s the page to visit for that! You will leave her page with so many ideas, you won’t know which to rock. (@fashionbreed)



We all need a little motivation and inspiration on a daily basis especially if things aren’t going our way. That’s why I love this page, it always has those quotes that relate to a situation or how you’re feeling. It’s amazing how there are a bunch of quotes that can describe our exact feelings and also give us that little bit of motivation when we need it.(@thegoodquote)



And lastly, my favorite photographer who now lives in Thailand. Most of you know her and for those who don’t, well now you do. I love her photography not because she’s my friend but because she captures every moment. Like they say, a picture says a thousand words but her pictures make you feel a thousand ways because she just knows what speaks to people. I love her free spirited soul and how she brings out her feelings in her work. Her page is a combination of everything, from food, travel, people, inspiration; you name it and her page has it! If there’s one photographer who just knows people’s hearts and what they need to see, it’s definitely my Linds. Please come back to Durban though, I miss you x (@xlove_lindsie)

The Life of A DUFF


After watching the movie, The DUFF, I realized that I am a DUFF. I am the girl who just gets ‘accepted’ because she’s friends with so and so, the girl people just talk to because she’s in their company, the girl that doesn’t dress to impress and is plain and simple because she’s not interested in getting approvals from anyone.

What is a DUFF? Designated Ugly Fat Friend. I never knew what a DUFF was until someone made me watch the movie and said, ‘that’s you.’ I watched it about 3 times because I was in denial the first time I watched it and I was like, ‘that’s not me, that girl is normal,’ until I watched it again and I literally studied it. Yup, that’s me.

I used to get told that I need to wear make-up, which I only started doing at 22 and that I need to dress more ‘girly.’ What is girly by the way? Because girls these days dress like boys, wearing takkies and caps and what not, so really, how do I dress like a girl when there is no need? I’ve always been a plain jane and I never felt the need to stand out and dress ‘girly’ like I get told.

Growing up, I hated make-up, high heels and all these fancy clothes, because that just wasn’t me. Today, I still don’t like it, but I do wear make-up now, I mean we all want to look beautiful now and again, so yes, I do wear make-up now but the dressing up part still isn’t for me.

A DUFF is the odd one out, the one that hardly gets approached by a guy or the one a guy doesn’t look at, the one who doesn’t dress up like her friends and actually stands out from them because she doesn’t ‘look’ the same way they do. We can’t all look like models, with the perfect body and hair because life would be boring if we were all the same.

I mean, why can’t I be accepted for being a DUFF? We can’t all look like Kardashians, they aren’t even picture perfect themselves. That’s the problem with society; we can never just be normal and wear shorts and tops with our messy hair and no make-up. Just to take a selfie, we putting on make-up to get the perfect picture. Shouldn’t we be accepted for who we are? Even with our bad skin, flabby tummies, small boobs, plain tees and shorts, why can’t we be accepted with all that?

There are times when I look good, that is only for a function and I prefer it that way because if I looked that way every day, how will I stand out? I already stand out by being a DUFF, so the occasional dress up is good enough for me. There’s nothing wrong with being the odd one out in the circle, that’s what makes you different. Embrace it, embrace the fact that you are a DUFF in your own way, and there will be someone who will love your DUFFNESS.

A Letter to My Brother

A girl’s first love is generally her father, but mine is you. Just know wherever our paths may lead, you’ll always be my first love.


We’ve been inseparable our whole lives but now we’re grown, living in different cities and leading different lives. Mummy always instilled in us that we only have each other and that we should never break what we have. We have that love/hate relationship but 90% of the time we want to break each other’s heads and the other 10% is for being nice when we want something.

You’ve always been the one person I depended on, I could count on for anything and everything. I always got upset whenever you would have a girlfriend because I felt like you leaving me and don’t care about me. People always tell me how much they envy our relationship and they wish they had a brother like you. We’re completely opposites and I think that’s what makes our relationship special.

You always told me that I’m the favorite child and I’m the brain box in the family, well I have to have the brains to put you straight when you make stupid decisions right? Remember the one day Granny told us we’re big now and we need to stop fighting? Well I guess that will never change.

We may have different lives now, you have your own family, I’ll probably have mine one day but you’ll always be the one person that I’ll love more than anything in this world. We might drift apart because we’re getting older and on different levels but one thing is for sure, our bond will never break, we only have each other and you’ll always be the one I drop everything for.

I miss those nights when its game time and you would tell me to make popcorn or tea, or if Friday is on, we’ll sit and laugh non stop repeating the whole movie because that’s one of our favorite movies. Not forgetting when our programs are on at the same time and we would lash at each other and Mummy ends up butting in. That’s what makes our relationship special, those little moments but I know we have to move on at some point.

I want to thank you, for being the older brother I needed, sometimes. For putting up with my tantrums and my mood swings, for the fights and just for always being there for me. I’m so proud of the man you have become, for the amazing father you are to Cayle, he is really blessed to have you as a father. As his Godmother, my promise to you is that if anything should happen to you, don’t ever doubt that Cayle will lack anything, because as long as I’m around, he will have everything he needs.

You’re my first and greatest love and should you ever doubt my love or gratefulness for you, please read this letter and know that wherever you or I may be, we’ll always be together, for the bond we share is inseparable.

To my brother, thank you and I love you.

The Durban Coloured Girl Comes To Braam

This is the part everyone has been waiting for since I’ve been here. ‘What’s it like being a Coloured girl from Durban coming to Braam?’ Let me just say, this shit is something else


What are you?                          

I think race plays a big part in a move, especially when people constantly ask ‘are you Coloured or Indian?’ But honestly, what does that have to do with anything? Growing up, I’ve always been asked that question and why? Well, I have an Indian surname, so people look at my surname and automatically I become Indian. Then there’s the hair, yes the hair. ‘But you don’t have Coloured hair.’ I honestly didn’t know your hair defines you but surely it does. Well I’m Coloured and that’s it.

Adjusting as a Coloured Girl

No one ever talks about the ‘Coloured or Indian girl’ that has moved to a new city because we always ‘expect’ them to adjust and move on. It doesn’t work like that, we don’t just ‘adjust’ in one month. Maybe some do, but not all and most definitely not me. Finding my way around, making friends, that shit isn’t easy. Then people hear I’m from Durban and it’s like ‘you from Durban?’ I’m not saying for a young Black or White girl it’s any easier, but we always hearing their stories, they always voicing themselves but never the Coloured or Indian girl. The saying ‘its part of growing up’ doesn’t even come close to the adjustment. Yes, we all have to grow up at some point but the race card makes the biggest impact.

Durban vs Braam

Being Coloured in Durban and being Coloured in Braam, well that’s something up for discussion. I’m not one to make friends easily, in Durban it was hard because it was the ‘norm’ not to talk to a person when you in a new space, maybe only after a day or two but in Braam, it’s the complete opposite. The minute you in a new space a conversation sparks. I have made the most amazing friends who have shown me around Braam, made me feel at home and call me ‘banana’ simply because I’m Coloured. Do I take offense to that? Not at all, because that’s what they see when they look at me.


Braam has definitely made an impact on me, especially being Coloured. I was used to Coloureds and their ‘comfort zones,’ waiting for people to make shit happen for them and having no sense of originality. In Braam it’s the opposite, and I found a sense of individuality because being a ‘Durban Coloured’ makes me different from the rest. It’s been hard, it’s been emotional and it’s been great but if there’s one thing that Braam has taught me, is that being Coloured is my culture.

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Music Meets Art: The Collaboration Story between a Hip Hop Duo and a Visual Artist


If this trio aren’t sitting at Lords and Legends having interviews with me, they’re in a studio creating sounds and designing visuals. But what happens when music and art collaborate? I’d say a perfect combination for a story to unfold.

Durban based hip hop duo KY & Linho have collaborated with visual artist Xylon2000 who unpack the commonality of a combined vision.

Kyle Meth and Dale Parkins aka KY & Linho released their first single Tidal Wave in September from their upcoming EP, which has been making waves on social media, with 5K views on the first day of release.

The 2 were formerly in a group in high school called Freeway Society but due to creative differences, the group split. After a few years, they teamed up again to give it another shot.

The duo then decided they needed a visual artist to create their visuals but not just anyone, their very good friend Li Joshua aka Xylon2000.

Li, who has been doing visuals for the past 8 years, along with creating his own online magazine called Disparate says, ‘I feel visual art and music are intrinsically linked, so with the guys now working on their project, the timing to collaborate was perfect and being familiar with each other’s creative workflow just meant a more seamless creative process.’

With the guys deciding to team up again, they find that collaborating with Li would bring their story to life through visuals. The ideas and concept they had, perfectly aligned with Li’s creative work. ‘You have to tell Li what you want and he transforms it, he takes your idea and just elevates it,’ says Dale.

The duo and Li never spoke about collaborating but because they believed in each other’s creative ability, they decided to make it work. The trio feel collaborating has made their work better as creatives along with the growing audience.

The collaboration has brought them out their comfort zones in terms of the interpretation in the different fields, to see how visual art and music interlink with each other. ‘The lyrics of a song and the visuals need to match. You can’t have a boring song and amazing visuals, it needs to match up,’ says Kyle.

Collaborations like this don’t happen often because people don’t see the importance of art behind a sound. ‘Everybody’s making music, everybody’s taking photos but I don’t think anybody explores the hybrid space of music and art which is what we doing,’ says Li.

Li hopes to collaborate again when the duo work on their individual projects, creating dynamic materials that ultimately pushes the standard of independent creatives and the music scene on a local level.