Music Meets Art: The Collaboration Story between a Hip Hop Duo and a Visual Artist


If this trio aren’t sitting at Lords and Legends having interviews with me, they’re in a studio creating sounds and designing visuals. But what happens when music and art collaborate? I’d say a perfect combination for a story to unfold.

Durban based hip hop duo KY & Linho have collaborated with visual artist Xylon2000 who unpack the commonality of a combined vision.

Kyle Meth and Dale Parkins aka KY & Linho released their first single Tidal Wave in September from their upcoming EP, which has been making waves on social media, with 5K views on the first day of release.

The 2 were formerly in a group in high school called Freeway Society but due to creative differences, the group split. After a few years, they teamed up again to give it another shot.

The duo then decided they needed a visual artist to create their visuals but not just anyone, their very good friend Li Joshua aka Xylon2000.

Li, who has been doing visuals for the past 8 years, along with creating his own online magazine called Disparate says, ‘I feel visual art and music are intrinsically linked, so with the guys now working on their project, the timing to collaborate was perfect and being familiar with each other’s creative workflow just meant a more seamless creative process.’

With the guys deciding to team up again, they find that collaborating with Li would bring their story to life through visuals. The ideas and concept they had, perfectly aligned with Li’s creative work. ‘You have to tell Li what you want and he transforms it, he takes your idea and just elevates it,’ says Dale.

The duo and Li never spoke about collaborating but because they believed in each other’s creative ability, they decided to make it work. The trio feel collaborating has made their work better as creatives along with the growing audience.

The collaboration has brought them out their comfort zones in terms of the interpretation in the different fields, to see how visual art and music interlink with each other. ‘The lyrics of a song and the visuals need to match. You can’t have a boring song and amazing visuals, it needs to match up,’ says Kyle.

Collaborations like this don’t happen often because people don’t see the importance of art behind a sound. ‘Everybody’s making music, everybody’s taking photos but I don’t think anybody explores the hybrid space of music and art which is what we doing,’ says Li.

Li hopes to collaborate again when the duo work on their individual projects, creating dynamic materials that ultimately pushes the standard of independent creatives and the music scene on a local level.

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