A Letter to My Brother

A girl’s first love is generally her father, but mine is you. Just know wherever our paths may lead, you’ll always be my first love.


We’ve been inseparable our whole lives but now we’re grown, living in different cities and leading different lives. Mummy always instilled in us that we only have each other and that we should never break what we have. We have that love/hate relationship but 90% of the time we want to break each other’s heads and the other 10% is for being nice when we want something.

You’ve always been the one person I depended on, I could count on for anything and everything. I always got upset whenever you would have a girlfriend because I felt like you leaving me and don’t care about me. People always tell me how much they envy our relationship and they wish they had a brother like you. We’re completely opposites and I think that’s what makes our relationship special.

You always told me that I’m the favorite child and I’m the brain box in the family, well I have to have the brains to put you straight when you make stupid decisions right? Remember the one day Granny told us we’re big now and we need to stop fighting? Well I guess that will never change.

We may have different lives now, you have your own family, I’ll probably have mine one day but you’ll always be the one person that I’ll love more than anything in this world. We might drift apart because we’re getting older and on different levels but one thing is for sure, our bond will never break, we only have each other and you’ll always be the one I drop everything for.

I miss those nights when its game time and you would tell me to make popcorn or tea, or if Friday is on, we’ll sit and laugh non stop repeating the whole movie because that’s one of our favorite movies. Not forgetting when our programs are on at the same time and we would lash at each other and Mummy ends up butting in. That’s what makes our relationship special, those little moments but I know we have to move on at some point.

I want to thank you, for being the older brother I needed, sometimes. For putting up with my tantrums and my mood swings, for the fights and just for always being there for me. I’m so proud of the man you have become, for the amazing father you are to Cayle, he is really blessed to have you as a father. As his Godmother, my promise to you is that if anything should happen to you, don’t ever doubt that Cayle will lack anything, because as long as I’m around, he will have everything he needs.

You’re my first and greatest love and should you ever doubt my love or gratefulness for you, please read this letter and know that wherever you or I may be, we’ll always be together, for the bond we share is inseparable.

To my brother, thank you and I love you.

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