The Life of A DUFF


After watching the movie, The DUFF, I realized that I am a DUFF. I am the girl who just gets ‘accepted’ because she’s friends with so and so, the girl people just talk to because she’s in their company, the girl that doesn’t dress to impress and is plain and simple because she’s not interested in getting approvals from anyone.

What is a DUFF? Designated Ugly Fat Friend. I never knew what a DUFF was until someone made me watch the movie and said, ‘that’s you.’ I watched it about 3 times because I was in denial the first time I watched it and I was like, ‘that’s not me, that girl is normal,’ until I watched it again and I literally studied it. Yup, that’s me.

I used to get told that I need to wear make-up, which I only started doing at 22 and that I need to dress more ‘girly.’ What is girly by the way? Because girls these days dress like boys, wearing takkies and caps and what not, so really, how do I dress like a girl when there is no need? I’ve always been a plain jane and I never felt the need to stand out and dress ‘girly’ like I get told.

Growing up, I hated make-up, high heels and all these fancy clothes, because that just wasn’t me. Today, I still don’t like it, but I do wear make-up now, I mean we all want to look beautiful now and again, so yes, I do wear make-up now but the dressing up part still isn’t for me.

A DUFF is the odd one out, the one that hardly gets approached by a guy or the one a guy doesn’t look at, the one who doesn’t dress up like her friends and actually stands out from them because she doesn’t ‘look’ the same way they do. We can’t all look like models, with the perfect body and hair because life would be boring if we were all the same.

I mean, why can’t I be accepted for being a DUFF? We can’t all look like Kardashians, they aren’t even picture perfect themselves. That’s the problem with society; we can never just be normal and wear shorts and tops with our messy hair and no make-up. Just to take a selfie, we putting on make-up to get the perfect picture. Shouldn’t we be accepted for who we are? Even with our bad skin, flabby tummies, small boobs, plain tees and shorts, why can’t we be accepted with all that?

There are times when I look good, that is only for a function and I prefer it that way because if I looked that way every day, how will I stand out? I already stand out by being a DUFF, so the occasional dress up is good enough for me. There’s nothing wrong with being the odd one out in the circle, that’s what makes you different. Embrace it, embrace the fact that you are a DUFF in your own way, and there will be someone who will love your DUFFNESS.

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