My 5 Favorite Instagram Accounts


We all have those few accounts that we’re a bit jealous of because they’re so dope and love them so much because they also help us along the way and give us some good feels. Well these 5 accounts are my favorite and I constantly look forward to their uploads all the time.



Style, smile and the same name! Yes, we seem to be alike in some ways, like the fact that she creates her own style and rocks it! Courtney’s account is full of colour and happiness which I love so much. She’s always showing her food, new clothing and giving the most amazing tips when it comes to make-up. I simply love her personality, it shows in her adventures. If you’re ever having a bad day or just need a pick me up, this account is definitely for you, she’ll brighten your day in no time. (@colormecourtney)



The store we all love! You got that right, it’s Mr Price. Their insta page is just the best when it comes to updating on the latest fashion, food and news. I mostly shop online with them, so the minute I see something I like on the page, I’m heading straight to the site to buy it. They always posting these cute quirky quotes as well, like on weekends and now and again in the week and giving ideas on how to brighten up the day or what foods to try out with the bestie. They not all shop talk if you know what I mean. (@mrpfashion)



Aqeelah Ally is honestly one beautiful woman. She is the true definition of style. She makes any type of style look amazing, whether it be a casual look or evening look, she rocks it all. Her beauty tips are just as amazing and she will have you looking like a goddess in no time, simple yet beautiful. If there’s ever a time when you need a date night outfit idea or a lunch date with the girls idea, she’s the page to visit for that! You will leave her page with so many ideas, you won’t know which to rock. (@fashionbreed)



We all need a little motivation and inspiration on a daily basis especially if things aren’t going our way. That’s why I love this page, it always has those quotes that relate to a situation or how you’re feeling. It’s amazing how there are a bunch of quotes that can describe our exact feelings and also give us that little bit of motivation when we need it.(@thegoodquote)



And lastly, my favorite photographer who now lives in Thailand. Most of you know her and for those who don’t, well now you do. I love her photography not because she’s my friend but because she captures every moment. Like they say, a picture says a thousand words but her pictures make you feel a thousand ways because she just knows what speaks to people. I love her free spirited soul and how she brings out her feelings in her work. Her page is a combination of everything, from food, travel, people, inspiration; you name it and her page has it! If there’s one photographer who just knows people’s hearts and what they need to see, it’s definitely my Linds. Please come back to Durban though, I miss you x (@xlove_lindsie)

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