My country is my home, I just wish it was run differently


My country, my home, what a beautiful place but this government? Man oh man, do I even have words for them.

Being proudly South African has to be one of the best feelings one can feel on a daily basis, surrounded by a diversity of people who bring so much energy and life to a country that has been through so much.

Look at the festivals we have that bring everyone together, the variety of restaurants for people to explore their taste buds and the amazing adventures there are to do. Who wouldn’t be proud and honored to run such an amazing piece of work? This government clearly.

People are always scared to air their views and be open about how they really feel about living in a country that is constantly downgrading. Truth is, this is our home, this has been our home for many years and we’re scared to say how we feel because we’ll get called racist, or we just don’t like this person and that one and we’re being full of ourselves. You’re entitled to express your feelings because this is your home.

We don’t like the way the country is at this point, that’s a given. I’m not ashamed to say I am actually disgusted in the way things are going and I wish we had people who knew what they were doing.

The next generation is going to suffer, but right now we’re already suffering because of inflation rates, unemployment, man what a time to be alive and living in South Africa. Let’s not forget our brothers and sisters with no water and electricity, living in poverty. Instead of worrying about reshuffling cabinets and buying cars and houses that cost millions, provide for your country that’s in need.

Slowly but surely we’re sinking because just like a household needs organization and stability, so does a country. I love my country and the atmosphere of the diversity however, I wish the government can see what a beautiful piece of artwork their ruining.


One thought on “My country is my home, I just wish it was run differently

  1. I love how you express your love for your country because I share the same passionate feeling. How can anyone NOT love the beauty and diversity and many forgotten wonders? It saddens my heart when I hear Americans talk about how amazing South Africa is because deep down I know my country has failed to acknowledge this and simply neglect almost ALL possibility.

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