KY + LINHO Set The Bar With Their Synergy EP

After the release of Tidal Wave, Ky + Linho had us wanting more. I think we were like nuisance to them because we kept asking for another song or two and they just kept us hanging. But after the release of the Synergy EP, the wait was definitely worth it. 

These guys have set the bar with this EP! They got our heads bobbing all day to these dope tracks. I guess we all knew it would be something amazing especially with featured artists such as Lwansta and NidaalXO. 

We’re all mainly jamming to ‘NahNah’ because I mean, we would love to ‘Come to your party’ guys. But seriously, that track has been booming and im pretty sure its #Number1 on everyone’s playlist! Not forgetting, the EP has also been posted on slikour on life and playlisted on Tshwane FM. 

Ky + Linho has definitely done some damage to our ears this year and we cannot wait for whats next to come! Oh I know whats next, the ‘NahNah’ video which is to be released soon! We will be sure not to miss that party.  

If you haven’t listened to the EP, what are you waiting for?! Here are the Download and Streaming links!

Direct Download Links:



My Space




Dont forget to follow them on Social Media as well! 

Insta: Kylinhomusic 

Twitter: @linho_ky

FB: Ky + Linho Music 

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